A resident of Grugies injured by an American Staffordshire while returning from the polling station


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For this blended family of five children, it is rare that the pace of the guards allows the couple to find themselves alone. ”
It happened this weekend, testifies Jean-Baptiste Totet, a resident of Grugies near Saint-Quentin. We went to vote around 2:30 p.m. and when we got back we took the opportunity to take a detour and walk with the dog.
“, completes the father of the family with his hand in a thick bandage. Because the romantic weekend ended in the hospital. The fault of another dog leaving his property while the walkers were only a few meters from their home.

He forced, he forced until he managed to pass the fence. Immediately, I grabbed my dog ​​in my arms and the staff grabbed my hand.
If at this time, Jean-Baptiste does not yet feel the pain of the fangs planted in his hand, he ends up letting go under the weight of the two dogs. ”
Once on the ground, the Staff jumped on my dog, biting him on the head. My wife, who was holding him on a leash, fell to the ground. She was screaming and I had my hand covered in blood. »

“I was injured but at least I saved the dog”

It takes the intervention of the master of the defense dog so that the scene does not degenerate. ”
He called him back and the dog obeyed right away.
“. After having undergone an operation at the Saint-Quentin hospital, this truck driver left with a fortnight’s work stoppage but it could be extended depending on the evolution of his injury. His shepherd had several stitches on his head by a veterinarian. ”
It wasn’t me he wanted but the dog, he was going to kill him. I was hurt but at least I saved the dog
», Analyzes after the fact the victim with tears in his eyes, still in shock.

A complaint has been filed and the owner of the Staff should be heard by the gendarmerie to know his version and to know if all the papers and authorizations are in order. Especially since his animal had already attacked another dog a few weeks ago. An incident confirmed by the mayor of the town who also confirms that the shepherd was well kept on a leash at the time of the tragedy.


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