a restaurant-aperitif-petanque for fans of throwing balls and pastis

It defines itself as a restaurant-aperitif-petanque. Lulu’s shed has been installed a stone’s throw from Place Plumeau, in Old Tours, for a week. Inside, the clatter of the balls immediately puts you in the mood, with a first field of 7 meters by 1.70. José and Jocelyne fight it out with their son and one of his friends. “It’s a bit young against old, we’re going to show them that we’re not rusty!”

The concept, new in townseduced them. “Our son lives in Tours and we live in Brittany, where we play in a petanque club for fun. And when he told us we could have a little game, with a drink and small things to nibble in a dedicated place, we wanted to see that!”

One indoor, another outdoor

Outside, on the small terrace, where there is another field, Paul is putting together the teams. Came with a group of friends, he has all the skills of a good pétanque player: a glass of pastis in one hand and the two balls in the other. However, the habit does not make the monk. “I don’t know anything about it, I come from Berry and I only play pétanque once a year, on vacation, with the family. that ?”

In defense of the young man, there are not a plethora of places to play in Tours. “It’s nice to have a bar* where you can play bowls at the same time. We know darts, billiards, there it changes and we have a good time.” All that’s missing is the song of the cicadas and a tad of an accent to believe you’re on the Canebière, in Marseille.

There is also an indoor court, for those days when it rains. © Radio France
Adrian Bossard

Petanque represents friends, family, it’s a game that brings people together and I thought it would work here

This concept of restaurant-aperitif-petanque can be found in Paris, Lyon and in several cities in the South. Alexandre Joly, the owner of the Cabanon de Lulu, in homage to the nickname of his grandfather, was inspired by it. “I was a logistics manager for 15 years, the last three of which spent at France Boissons, and I was fed up. The confinement accelerated my desire to retrain. I finally wanted to do something for myself. represents friends, family, it’s a game that brings people together and I thought it would work here.

Count three euros for a half-hour petanque game. Because yes, it’s timed to prevent some people from squatting the grounds a little too much.

*Technically, the Cabanon de Lulu is not listed as a bar as such because it does not have a License IV, customers are obliged to order food to have alcohol.

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