A restaurant in Abbeville taken over by a couple of former customers

Chantal Charlet setting a table for lunch service. (©The Journal of Abbeville)

The restaurant L’Etoile du Jour in Abbeville (Somme) is unrecognizable: everything has changed in this Abbevillois restaurant which had closed its doors following a judicial liquidation. Painting, decoration, food have been changed.

A terrace will be set up there, an oyster bar will be available for seafood lovers and a mezzanine with a relaxing atmosphere upstairs. The arrival of Chantal Charlet and Artur Rosario at the head of this establishment brings many changes.

Work with local producers

Like them, former customers who have become managers want to work with local producers by offering traditional food: “we want to add a revisited Picardy ficelle with truffle ham to the seafood menu. »

“We plan to set up charcuterie and cheese boards with wine for a friendly moment between young people. We also want to offer local products for tourists and also old-fashioned meals to remind us of the good old days,” rejoices Chantal Charlet.

The couple wants to reach a large clientele with local products at an affordable price in a family and simple atmosphere.

An atmosphere that seems to please since the managers have recruited easily and seem to have found a good balance for their future projects in this restaurant which has already delighted their customers. “So far, it’s been a success and the customers appreciate coming,” rejoices the couple.

“We have always bathed in the kitchen”

Chantal Charlet

Chantal Charlet lived in Abbeville from the age of 17 when her parents also bought a restaurant. She then left for the Paris region with her husband who also owns a restaurant in Boulogne-Billancourt, which he still runs. “We have always bathed in the kitchen. My husband has 30 years of experience in the industry,” says Chantal Charlet.

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The new manager rented a house in Abbeville and returned very often to the region. Two months ago, she and her husband wanted to book a table at the same establishment, L’étoile du jour.

The couple realized that they were in compulsory liquidation. They then inquired and came on site a few weeks ago to meet the previous owner to see what they could do.

Within a day, the deal was done. “It was a real crush, we never thought we were going to buy another restaurant, it was fate,” explains the former client who became the owner of the restaurant.

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