a restaurateur condemned to close his establishment, for lack of staff

Jean-Luc Boujon edited by Wassila Belhacine

In Chambéry, in Savoie, the owners of a creperie in the city center are forced to close their doors: they cannot find room staff and cannot do everything together. Added to this is the explosion in the prices of the raw materials used to manufacture their cakes. They have therefore decided to close shop on June 11th.


Soon it will be just a memory. In ten days, the Breton creperie “La Cerise sur le Chapo” will have closed its doors. Yet every noon and every evening, the restaurant is full. Simply, for several months, the boss Caroline Dhetz has not been able to find room staff.

The explosion in the price of raw materials

“Before there were seven of us. People stay two or three months and then they leave. They want to have their weekends or they want to finish earlier in the week. They want to work in July and not at least August. So in fact they stop. And for us it’s heartbreaking!”

Caroline is therefore alone in the room. While her husband Eric is busy in the kitchen. Impossible to hold only two people for the service. Especially since now, it is the explosion in the price of raw materials that further complicates things. “The increase is 30 to 40% on Emmental, butter, eggs, everything increases, absolutely everything, gas, electricity, flour, it becomes really complicated”, continues Caroline.

“It’s a mess!”

A situation emblematic of what many restaurateurs experience. To the chagrin of their loyal customers like René: “It’s a disaster. A flourishing business that will close. It’s incomprehensible when you know that we have thousands of unemployed people in France. It’s a mess!”

So there are only ten days left to reserve a table with Caroline and Eric. They are going to transform their creperie into a food supplement shop.

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