A restaurateur from Hendaye prosecuted for refusing the entry of a veiled client

The video shot by the victim’s son made the rounds on social networks. We hear the Spanish restaurateur explain that she does not accept the clothing of the client. “Dressed like in prehistory” said the owner of the Hendaye establishment to a veiled woman who wanted to have a meal with her son. The 58-year-old restaurateur was placed in police custody and brought before the Bayonne prosecutor’s office this Thursday, June 2, 2022. She is being prosecuted for “discrimination based on supposed religion”and will be brought before the Bayonne Criminal Court on September 20, 2022. She faces five years in prison and a fine.

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Filing complaint

The victims, the mother and her son, filed a complaint in this case for acts of “discrimination“. They should be a civil party in order to assert their rights before the court which will have to deal with the file at the start of the next school year. According to Amandine Boyer, deputy public prosecutor in Bayonne, the facts of discrimination are generally very difficult to prove, but seem well constituted in this case”. The restaurateur has already been involved in a similar case in the past, but had not been prosecuted.

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