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A sad video shows a dog trying to revive his friend who was hit by a car

The sad images were captured at Chincha, Peru. They show a dog trying to revive his friend lying motionless on the ground. The canine died due to the strong impact it suffered when it was hit by a car.

The animal barked again and again and moved its friend with its paws. A heartbreaking moment that touches our hearts and makes us wonder why the person filming didn’t comfort the dog or try to see if the crushed animal was still alive.

According to description from YouTube video, the dog tried to revive his friend for more than an hour. A long hour which must have been very exhausting for this dog who could do nothing to lift his friend, an hour during which no one came to help him.

A dog tries to revive his friend hit by a car

There is no doubt that dogs have more feelings than some humans. The touching scene went around the world and some commentators also criticize the fact that the dog was not helped.

We haven’t been able to find out anything about the dog yet, we don’t know if he has a family or if he roams the streets of Peru unprotected.

We hope local shelters will see this video and help this dog get home or find a home that will make him forget the pain of losing his companion, that friend he fought for for an endless hour.

Pictures have been shared on TV news, touching the whole world by the pain that the dog felt at not being able to revive his friend, who was no longer of this world. There are several such videos on the Internet that show that animals actually feel and suffer from the death of a friend.

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