a sanctuary to save animals from the slaughterhouse

Settled recently in Sauvelade on a 7 ha property, the disciple of Brigitte Bardot takes care of around sixty farm animals there. Cows, goats, horses, sheep, goats, donkeys, rabbits, a pig and a noisy barnyard alongside three dogs and three cats. An astonishing Noah’s ark built over time to extricate these animals from mistreatment or from a fate leading them to the slaughterhouse. “With word of mouth and social networks, people know that I collect animals, so they call me from all over the department”, smiles Sarah Pommès who, with other lands in Orthez and Puyoô, can offer an Eldorado of 30 hectares.

“With word of mouth and social media, people know that I collect animals”

“Apart from my work and my family, I devote all my time to it,” says the mother of a 2-year-old girl. Care, food, veterinarian, osteopath, Sarah Pommès assumes all the tasks and expenses with her sister Alexia and her “sister at heart”, Mégane Aguilé. At the end of 2021, the three accomplices thus created the association Les Trois Pommes, with the ambition of developing this animal rescue and creating a place to welcome the public.

Sponsorship and adoption

“I will never save all the animals, but I will do my best. The idea is thus to create a sanctuary where the animals could be sponsored by donors to finance their upkeep or adopted,” explains Sarah Pommès. A campaign should soon be launched to this effect. “We see a lot of welcomes for dogs or cats, but rarely for farm animals that we do not imagine as pets,” she notes.

In the medium term, when the layout of the plots and the 150 m² barn allow it, the young woman hopes to open an educational farm. “I have 30,000 ideas a minute,” enthuses the benefactress of these 30 million friends. From school or family visits to pony rides, through animal mediation for vulnerable audiences such as residents of nursing homes or people with disabilities, the three funny ladies nature indeed compete in proposals. “There are more and more municipalities looking for sheep or goats for eco-grazing. It could be an activity to develop”, imagines Sarah Pommes.

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