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A sea lion breaks into their house: their cat, terrified, runs away and hides at the neighbor’s

A sea lion entered the Ross family’s home in New Zealand on Wednesday morning. The animal entered through the cat flap of the home located Mount Maunganui, reports the Guardian. He hung out in the hallway for a few hours while the kids slept upstairs. His presence terrified the owners’ cat.

© Phil Ross

The Ross family were more than surprised to find the New Zealand fur seal in their home about 150 meters from the beach.

Phil Ross, who is a marine biologist at the University of Waikatosaid he was unfortunate to be the only absentee at the time.

His wife, jennand her two children, Noah and Ari, were at home when they received this unexpected visitor.

© Phil Ross

The animal, which Phil identified as a 10-month-old New Zealand fur seal, managed to enter the house through the cat flap and terrorize the family cat, but Phil believes the cat is the main culprit .

© Phil Ross

I had never heard of sea lions going through the cat flaps, but I think that’s the fault of our cat, Coco. Coco is quite territorial and has a tendency to lash out at dogs. I imagine he kicked the sea lion, which didn’t back down, then chased it around the side of the house and through two cat flaps, into the garage and then into the lower part of our house . coconut hid at the neighbor’s house and didn’t want to come home until the sea lion was gone. The next day he didn’t want to go downstairs. We didn’t see the interaction between the seal and the cat, but it was clearly something Coco didn’t appreciate“, Phil told FOX TV Stations.

© Phil Ross

In winter, there are often lots of sea lions at some of my research sites, so I often see them underwater. I try to avoid them on land, as they can be quite grumpy. The irony of the situation is that this is probably the only family emergency where it would be helpful to have a marine biologist at home and I wasn’t there. I completely missed my moment of glory“, jokes Phil.

The animal remained in the house for approximately 90 minutes before jenn couldn’t take him outside where he was captured by a Department of Conservation ranger. The seal was released safely into an estuary, Phil said.jennmy wife, is very calm in these situations and handled the situation perfectly“, he continues.

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It is very common for young sea lions to be found on unusual stretches of coast at this time of year. Young people start to be weaned, to fend for themselves, and like most teenagers, they can make bad decisions about where they end up. We have just had a pretty big storm, and a number of sea lions are on the beach to rest and recuperate, before heading back out to sea. This particular sea lion was obviously in good condition and decided to go explore the sand dunes and the nearby streets and houses“, explains Phil.

© Phil Ross

According to Phil, New Zealand fur seals were nearly hunted to extinction in the 1800s. But since being protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act 1978, their numbers have increased and populations are expanding again into areas they once occupied.

The challenge is that this leads to more and more interactions between seals and humans, and potentially a bit of conflict when humans and seals want the same resources. (Pisces) or occupy the same parcels of coastal property“, he specifies.

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