A Senior Dog Was Waiting To Be Adopted For Months At The Shelter, A Volunteer Granted Her Wish

5 months after arriving at the shelter and having experienced 3 failed adoptions, a 10-year-old dog finally had the right to true happiness thanks to a volunteer. The latter had wanted to make him the new member of her family for a long time, but she had to be patient.

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Molly finally has a forever family. This time, it’s not a false start, unlike what happened to him 3 times. His story is reported by News8000.

Illustration of the article: A senior dog had been waiting to be adopted for months at the shelter, a volunteer granted her wish
Monroe County Dog Shelter & Animal Welfare Department/Facebook

This 10-year-old dog had arrived at the county shelter Monroein the State of Wisconsin, in March 2022. Female American Bulldog, she had already been adopted by a family, then a 2e and a 3ebut each time, we brought her back to the shelter.

The volunteers did not want to see her experience another disappointment, she whom they had adored upon her arrival. ” She immediately became the staff favorite “says, in fact, Amber Dvorakthe director of the reception structure.

One of them, Stephanie Hartung, was so under the spell of the dog that the idea of ​​adopting her had quickly germinated in his mind. Only, she could not do it at the time, because she was staying in an apartment in a residence where dogs are not accepted.

Molly and Stephanie’s dream come true

She continued to take care of her, and their complicity only increased over the weeks.

His patience eventually paid off. Stephanie Hartung was able to leave the apartment and move into a house. She now had the option of adopting Molly. Something she immediately did.

The departure of the dog from the shelter for her new life was filmed. Here is the moving video shared on the page Facebook of the establishment :

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