A shelter dog and a rabbit have never separated since they first met

Ever since they met, Dave and Rowdy can’t live without each other. The first is a rabbit, while her forever friend is a dog adopted from a shelter. Shared on Reddit, their wonderful story of friendship has touched many Internet users.

We do not necessarily need to belong to the same species to get along or even love each other. This is proven by this story whose protagonists are a rabbit and a dog, and relayed by Newsweek.

The story has been around the web since the owner of these 2 animals shared it on the community website Reddit. The post quickly went viral after it was posted in April 2022, racking up over 18,000 upvotes.

The man in question responds to the name of Luke Croucha.k.a dupini97 on Redditand lives at Durban in South Africa.

The post includes 2 adorable photos of Rowdy and Dave, one when the first, a 2-year-old cross female dog, was still a very young puppy, and the other when the canine grew up. In his pictures, Rowdy and Dave pose side by side and it is clear that they like each other and are accomplices.

Illustration of the article: A shelter dog and a rabbit have never separated since they first met

“They became friends quite quickly”

A friendship born from their meeting, after the adoption of the dog in a shelter located at the other end of the country, that of the Stellenbosch Animal Welfare Society as it happens. Rowdy was then smaller than Daveand both of them had already got into the habit of playing by running after each other in turn.

Dave even participated in the education and socialization of the dog by showing her the limits not to cross. ” They became friends fairly quickly, but Dave would occasionally poke Rowdy when she was too rambunctious. “says indeed Luke Crouch.

The attachment they have for each other is palpable, and this beautiful relationship is a pleasure to see.

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