a simple object will upset his destiny

An old cat is collected in an association: a simple object will upset her destiny

Elka didn’t have a simple life before getting adopted.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a pet happy. As The Dodo reveals, Elka is an 18-year-old cat who hasn’t had a simple life. Its former owner decided to abandon it with stray cats.

A very sick old cat

The granny was spotted by residents who managed to capture her to give her water and food.

Then, volunteers from the association “Hands of Mercy Cat Sancutuary” were called to help the feline.

When they first met Elka, the volunteers did not expect to find a cat with so many health problems.

A necklace will change everything

A medical examination will confirm that the feline’s organs were starting to fail. Even if her state of health was not in good shape, the cat liked to receive the love of the humans who had welcomed her.

When Brenda Wilkinson, the association’s founder, decided to put a collar on Elka, her behavior changed radically: “I could feel everything inside her leap of joy (…) Like, Oh my God, someone loves me. I have a home again,” the woman said.

Elka is now treated for her health problems and carefully keeps her necklace around her neck.

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