A small dog abandoned in the middle of traffic in China saved by local residents

The scene is heartbreaking. During the day, when many cars are idling because of traffic jams, a man opens his door and lets his dog out. The poor beast asks him for help, but is denied access to the vehicle.

Monday, July 4, 2022, an individual posted on the site Weibo the video filmed with his dashcam that sparked outrage from the community. We can clearly see a person cowardly abandoning his faithful companion in the middle of the traffic in the province of Guangdongin the south of China.

The brave doggie then jumps to observe his master through the opening and then scratches the door in the hope that he will be brought up. You can clearly see how frightened the canine is. He even tries to go through the window of the vehicle, but it is too high for his little paws.

Illustration of the article: A small dog abandoned in the middle of traffic in China saved by local residents
Weibo / Video Capture


“Many cars were stuck in traffic and the dog was running back and forth looking for its owner”has explained fengthe rescuer, to Yahoo News.

A truck was indeed right behind him. He was in great danger and fenga street restaurateur, did what was necessary to get him out of there.

“I rescued him so he wouldn’t be hit by a vehicle. I gave the dog to a friend who loves pets”clarified splits.

Luckily, the doggie was doing well. He had the right to a bath and a hearty meal. Subsequently, his good Samaritan bought him everything he needed to welcome a canine into his home: bowl, collar and leash, basket, suitable food, etc.

The young dog regains his bearings and recovers from his emotions with his new loving and caring master.

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The police are actively searching for the offender. He will be prosecuted for abandonment and obstruction of traffic. In addition, the inhabitants of the district as well as the Internet users were indignant at such an act. “It’s pitiful. If you don’t want it, opt for adoption. Why throw it like this? There are so many cars that can easily cause accidents”reacted a user.


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