A soldier protects a dog, hit by a car, from the heat wave with an umbrella and stays by his side

A dog hit by a car was found injured on the side of the road in scorching heat. A highway patrol trooper came to his aid.

Under 35°C, an injured, thirsty and frightened dog was spotted on the side of the road. Exhausted and unable to move, the animal suffered from the heat and was in danger of dying. Fortunately, he crossed paths with Kaye Fiorello and the soldier You sleep.

Kaye Fiorello saw the dog in the ditch

Kaye Fiorello was driving on a road Tennessee, when she saw a small white dog in the ditch, which looked very badly off. The young woman then remembered that she had passed a highway patrol soldier just before, and decided to turn around to ask for his help. The soldier You sleep agreed to accompany him. Kaye remembers the dog was “still there, panting like he was about to die”.

Private Tudors immediately took charge of the situation

The patrolman emptied a container that held a drink, then made a large bowl, into which he poured several bottles of water. The dog was completely frightened, but paralyzed by his state of weakness. “She sniffed the water, then realized that this nice touch was for her! She drank that water in minutes!“, Told Kayein lyrics reported by Yahoo Sports.

The soldier then shaded the dog, and stayed by his side

In order not to rush the animal, which was afraid of him, the soldier decided to give him time to understand that he was not in danger. He returned to his vehicle and returned with a chair and an umbrella. He sat next to the dog, then used his umbrella as a parasol, to shade her. He explained to Kaye that he “would stay here until she trusted him, so he could take her to a shelter or take her home”.

The animal was then taken in for treatment. According to new data by Kaye, he would be better, although he is still weak. The good news ? The soldier You sleep plans to adopt the dog when she is cured!

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