A stork throws its sick baby out of the nest and stirs social networks

It was amazement and then sadness on Sunday for hundreds of Internet users who follow the life of a couple of storks and their storks thanks to a webcam placed next to their nest located at the top of the town hall of Sarralbe, in Moselle. A nest filmed 24 hours a day. Problem, the mother stork threw Sunday in the middle of the afternoon one of the five chicks, the last born, out of the nest, from a height of about twenty meters, reports France Bleu Alsace. This one did not survive. According to testimonies on the Facebook page dedicated to the nest, this stork seemed much weaker and weaker than the other four.

A lump in the stomach

Since then, the messages have been flooding in and Internet users are trying to understand. Many recall that “it’s nature”, “that it’s a sacrifice so as not to endanger other siblings”… It was a stork specialist, Dominique Klein, who was finally able to deliver the explanation on the webcam’s Facebook page. After collecting the body for an autopsy, it turned out that the stork was doomed. According to the specialist, the contents of his stomach were 100 g, too much for a stork that weighs 490 g.

“A few insects, a piece of glass and especially grass. The stork by swallowing the porridge of earthworms also swallows the grass stuck by the saliva, details the specialist. Impossible to regurgitate a ball of 100 g the size of a tennis ball. He was therefore condemned”, he specifies before concluding: “The adults, noticing his weak attitude, only shortened his suffering by pecks, then by expelling him from the nest. Impossible to save him. »

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