a stork throws one of its storks out of the nest

Bon voyage to stork paradise“. Since this Sunday, hundreds of Internet users have been leaving messages on social networks to express their sadness after the death of one of the storks from the nest located at the top of the town hall of Sarralbe. A nest made famous because it is filmed by a webcam 24 hours a day. The death of the baby bird was thus seen “live” by some of them.

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He had a big ball of grass in his stomach

After pecking at it, one of the adult storks threw the last born above the nest” Explain Dominique Klein, ornithologist and stork specialist. “He fell 20 meters high and obviously did not survive. I went to pick him up and did an autopsy. He had a big ball of grass in his stomach. That means he wasn’t viable. The storks understood him, he shouldn’t be able to eat anymore“.

Rare food right now for storks

Dominique Klein explains that this kind of behavior is relatively common in the animal world : “When a young is not viable, the adults sacrifice it. Especially since with this heat, food is scarce for storks and their young“. The other four storks, they are doing well. They are always visible via the webcam.

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