A stray cat jumps on a girl in a wheelchair and causes a miracle

A stray cat jumps on a girl in a wheelchair and causes a miracle

It is often said that cats have a sixth sense. But no one expected what was going to happen in the story you are about to discover.

White coat and blue eyes: when Sinatra lived on the streets, he bewitched absolutely everyone. But when it became clear that life on the streets was getting harder and harder for the tomcat, an animal lover named Chris Poole reached out to the Suncoast Animal League shelter in Palm Harbor, Florida, for help. United States.

At the shelter, everyone only has eyes for Sinatra, called like that because he always has something to say! And if the daily life of the cat seems to suit him, a volunteer has only one idea in mind: to find the best person to adopt the cat.

A special cat

About two years ago, a mother arrived at the shelter saying she was looking for a cat for her daughter in an electric wheelchair. But the cat will have to be particularly courageous and not be afraid of the noise of the chair, which is unfortunately often the case.

What if Sinatra was the much sought-after ideal cat for young Kiley?

When Kiley arrives at the shelter in his wheelchair, Sinatra doesn’t hesitate for a second and jumps onto his lap. For the cat, it was clear from the first moment: it’s my human!

A move that melted everyone’s hearts, as Sinatra had no way of knowing the girl was there for him. And with Kiley, it was love at first sight. Since then, they have been inseparable.

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