a stray dog ​​fell asleep comfortably in a shopping center and no one interrupted him

Respect and empathy for animals should always be kept in mind, especially when dealing with animals going through a difficult time, such as living on the streets without any form of support.

It is at times like these that an outstretched hand should be offered, at least to make their situation more bearable. Even when you can’t help an animaldo not disturb is also useful. This is invaluable when dealing with stray animals that make their living in places where many people pass and only require a little space.

A stray dog ​​fell asleep comfortably in a shopping center and no one interrupted him

This seems to be the case with this little dog from the city of La Serena, Chile, who was filmed sleeping very comfortably in one of the armchairs of a shopping center in this city. It is clear that these are not places where a canine can lie down to sleep, but no one dared to wake him up, because they knew what this dog was going through.

With no place to hide, when this little dog found this comfortable, warm and spacious seat, he decided to rest for a while, as he must have been exhausted from having to face the cold winter in Chile at this time of year, and he must have feel safe in there.

Everything was filmed and the video shared by user @mcalexiaaabb on the TikTok social network. She quickly became very popular and received many compliments for people who avoided disturbing the dog.

“I found this little dog in the La Serena shopping center,” wrote the young woman in the post, where you can see that many other people were filming the sleeping dog, but no one got too close to disturb it. It is not known what became of him afterwards.

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