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A stray dog ​​travels up to 30 km a day using public transport

With thousands of social media followers, a stray dog ​​called Boji became the metro’s mascotIstanbul. It walks daily from station to station, to the delight of users.

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It is in 2021 that Boji appears on Twitter. Internet users post photos and videos of this stray dog, whom they meet every day in the metroIstanbul. Curious, the local authorities decided to follow the movements of the animal using an electronic chip: Boji travels up to 30 km per day on average, crossing at least 29 metro stations! And the least we can say is that the latter has integrated the rules of life in society. According to the client relations manager at Istanbul Metrothis last : ” waits outside the lines like the other passengers and after everyone has exited he enters the train “.

Thousands of subscribers

Many people then fell in love with this traveling dog, which has almost 117,000 subscribers on Twitter and 121,000 on instagram. You can also see it on TikTokwhere his filmed adventures collect thousands of views.



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These various social networks are fed by the videos and photos of transport users, who cross his path in the bus, the train and even the boat.

More news from Boji in 2022

Lately, the lack of news from Boji challenged internet users. The last publications on his networks date from December 31, 2021 and his subscribers are worried about whether he is well. Some claim in the comments that the stray dog ​​was adopted by a wealthy Turkish businessman named Omer Koc.

This information was confirmed by the local newspaper Hurriyet Daily News : “ Boji now has a nest where he can roam and run freely Boji will have a protected home where he can run around as he pleases, away from people who want to harm him said the mayor ofIstanbul Ekrem Imamoglu last January.

Something to reassure those who were worried about the safety of the dog.

The presence of Boji on the subway was a lot of fun, but he’s not the only dog ​​taking public transportation. Lately in Finland or in Englandlost dogs got on buses to find their respective families!

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