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A stray dog ​​walked into a bar, overheard a singer and joined in the show playing the guitar

The thousands of videos circulating on the Internet make us realize that the world is big and that certain situations say so much more than words can say. One such example was captured on video, where a stray dog ​​can be seen interacting with a musician at a bar.

The Twitter account ‘GoodNewsCorrespondent’ shared this moment on his profile. According to the story, the stray found the bar and decided to enter. Live music was being played by a singer playing his guitar, and the little dog came and sat across from him as if very interested in listening.

The little animal did not stop wagging its tail nor did it look away from the musician, which seems to indicate that it was enjoying the sight it was encountering. The singer couldn’t hold back his laughter in front of this brand new furry “audience”.

A Stray Dog Walked Into A Bar And Joined In On The Show By Playing A Guitar

After that, the canine approached even closer to the performer and stood up on its hind legs. It was then that the musician invited him to ” playing guitar “ with one of its front legs.

The man “scratched” his instrument with the animal’s paw, and when he let go, the animal wanted to continue. Indeed, the dog wanted to play the guitar by imitating what the singer had done.

At this time, the musician could not help but stroke her head several times, because he had already won her heart. It was therefore difficult for him to continue his show, but he still tried without putting the dog out.

Watch the moment below:

With the video racking up over 61,000 views, users took the opportunity to leave their comments. “Seems like this stray has found his soul mate,” one person tweeted, while others pointed to the guitarist’s talent. “If he can hypnotize a dog with his music, he must be a very good musician”, one user tweeted.

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