A taxi driver adopts a dog abandoned by customers in his car

In Colombia, hundreds of dogs are cruelly abandoned in the streets, regardless of their size and age. The case of a small dog has broken the hearts of thousands of people on social networks.

A taxi driver adopts a dog abandoned by customers in his car

The dog was left inside a taxi on July 27. This unexpected event happened in the district of Suba, in Bogotá. The driver’s customers told him that they would be back shortly, as they were going to withdraw money from the bank, but they never returned to pick up their animal.

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  • What to do if you find a lost or abandoned dog?

If the dog seems healthy and does not show an aggressive attitude, you can try to approach him. An abandoned or lost dog is disoriented and can easily become frightened and run away if you try to approach him abruptly or directly. This is why it is important to approach slowly and avoid sudden movements.

Use soft tones of voice and avoid speaking in a threatening tone. If you have food available, you can use it to give the animal confidence, but rather than attracting it to you, it is better to throw the food away from you.

You will find that the dog will get closer to you as it gains confidence. In hot weather, it can also be useful to offer him water to help him relax in your presence.

If it has a label

The pet’s tag usually includes the dog’s name and a contact phone number. If the phone number is up to date and you’re lucky, the dog’s owner will get back to you right away and you can let them know you’ve just found their dog.

If it has no beacon

In this case, you can keep the dog where you found it for a reasonable period of time: it is possible that the owner who is looking for him will show up.

The next step may be to take the dog to the nearest veterinary clinic to check for a free microchip and find its owners. If he has a microchip, the veterinarian can access his contact details and contact the owner. Also, the veterinarian could recognize the dog and alert the owner, even if the dog is not microchipped.

If he does not have a microchip

If the dog does not have a microchip, this does not necessarily mean that it is abandoned. It could just be a lost animal. However, the absence of identification reduces the chances of finding the owner.

  • You can contact local shelters to find out if anyone has called to report a missing person.
  • You can temporarily take care of the dog while you spread the news that you found him or you can also help him find a new home.
  • You can offer him your home and make arrangements to adopt him.

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