A tender reunion between a cat and her babies after being attacked by dogs

A moving video has gone viral on Facebook as it shows the moment a happily meowing female cat is reunited with her kittens after surviving a dog attack.

Indeed, this cat, although mistreated by dogs, succeeded to survive and to be reunited with her newborn babies.

Mindy Brocato, an employee of Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control, noticed that the cat in question had suffered a stroke, so she managed to grab it and take him to the shelter.

The staff who took in the cat named Toddles noticed that she had recently given birth, and so began a desperate search to find her babies. The young woman took the initiative to alert the neighbors to also search for babies in the area.

A tender reunion between a cat and her babies after being attacked by dogs

After a thorough search, they found five little kittens under a mobile home, and they were quickly taken to the shelter where this emotional encounter was recorded, then shared on social media and quickly went viral.

As we can see in the images, she begins to sniff the first kitten that was next to her, and begins to meow with joy when she recognizes her little one. Rescuers then put her other kittens next to her. They climbed up to their mother and after a few meows they started suckling.

These images of the emotional reunion between a female cat and her kittens have quickly gone viral in the United States, Mexico, Spain, Peru and elsewhere.

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