A three-legged cat returned to the house where he was helped and found the family of his dreams

A friendly 3-legged ginger cat named Bubby was wandering the streets looking for food when he came across a nice man over 8 years ago. The adorable feline, which had also lost part of its tail, calmly walked into the man’s kitchen and befriended his pet cat, a cat named Seson.

The three-legged kitten was calling his new feline friend from the door to share a moment of play; their friendship was amazing, sadly Seson died some time later. The man and his family wanted Bubby leaves the street, but the cat did not feel comfortable inside the house and asked to leave after each visit.

Bubby continued to visit the man and eventually earned her own place in the heart of this man. He took care of the ginger kitten until he sadly passed away a few years later.


The three-legged cat returned home where he was helped.

Despite the family’s attempts, the cat only came back once after that. They looked for it everywhere and left food every day, but still found the dish untouched.

Eventually, after a long time and several attempts, there was no sign of Bubby and the family began to imagine the worst.

Around the summer of 2019, a familiar figure appeared in the neighborhood. Everything suggests that it is Bubby, who was on her way to the house where he found kindness a long time ago. Neighborhood resident Ray Pincen immediately recognized the 3-legged cat, as he knew of the beautiful bond between his late neighbor and his faithful cat.


The ginger cat looked much older and quite weak after many years on the streets. These years do not seem to have been easy for the feline.

Bubby was in desperate need of veterinary help, and Ray’s attempts to save him proved difficult. After a few months attempts to catch himas winter set in, Ray grew increasingly concerned that the cat would not survive long.

Determined, Ray approached what was once his cat’s friend’s house. The now owner only saw Bubby occasionally, and didn’t seem interested in the feline. Ray politely asked him to open the door the next time he saw the cat and he would immediately come for him.

The next day, Ray received a call that the cat was in the kitchen of his neighbor’s house. He ran to retrieve it and immediately took it to Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables. They didn’t know if Bubby was going to make it, but they wanted to try everything they could.


Sarah MacLeod, a volunteer at Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables told Love Meow:

“Bubby was dehydrated, battered. He was sent to the vet and would not have survived another storm. The vet said he started purring while he was on the exam table.

During Bubby’s recovery, her former friend’s daughter saw the feline’s plight posted on social media.

Shelter staff counts:

“She introduced herself and told me Bubby’s story. She cried when she saw him and brought him her dishes. Bubby now eats from the dishes he used to lick at this man’s house. »

Upon hearing Bubby’s story, Sarah offered to look after him.

She said :

“I knew I wanted to keep Bubby forever before bringing him home. We weren’t looking for a cat, so my boyfriend must have been convinced.”


Bubby immediately felt at home, he no longer ran away; he’s an adorable cat who knows how to get whatever he wants with his cute sad eyes. He knows he will never get a refusal.

The 3-legged cat finally has a loving family. He also has a friend whom he follows as his faithful companion. Also, Sarah’s cats have taken her under their wing and always give her love and cuddles.

Sarah finally added:

“I feel lucky to have him, he will be extremely spoiled for the rest of his life.”

You can find out more about Bubby’s new life with her family on her Instagram account.

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