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A Toulouse lawyer is called a “dirty Jew” and threatened with death in his office

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A Toulouse lawyer was threatened with “dirty Jew” and threatened with death in his office, in June 2021, following a conflict with a client. The perpetrator was sentenced by the court of Foix, Ariège, Tuesday, June 7, to 150 day-fines of 10 euros.

“I am saddened that in 2022 we are present for anti-Semitic remarks and death threats against a lawyer”, confided his colleague, responsible for assisting him before the Foix judicial court on Tuesday June 7.

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The perpetrator, a 38-year-old man, was found guilty of anti-Semitic insults and death threats made on June 5, 2021 in Toulouse. He was sentenced to 150 day-fines of 10 euros (1,500 euros). Far from the 8 months of imprisonment including 4 accompanied by a probationary reprieve required by the prosecution.

A conflict with his mother-in-law

At the bar, the defendant with eight mentions on his criminal record admitted the facts: “My mother-in-law called me in tears. She told me that her lawyer refused to return her file, spat in her face and kicked her. Her mouth was swollen. I was pissed off, walked in and threatened him. He added: “It’s not good, I apologize. »

After telling the perpetrator that “we did not solve his problems by insulting and threatening”, the president gave the floor to the victim. “I am appalled, testified the lawyer. They say it’s my fault, that I abused Madame…”

Worried, ten years after the attacks of Mohamed Merah

He added: “I am from Toulouse and I am afraid, ten years later (the attacks by Mohamed Merah in front of a Jewish school on March 22, 2012, editor’s note). For several months, I have been worried, I turn around when I leave my office. I’m afraid that someone will come back to attack me, him or someone else. »

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The representative of the prosecution, Sarah Goncalves, repeated that “words sometimes hurt as much as blows and that they should not be trivialized”. She considered that the two offenses were made up, in particular thanks to a video taken at the time of the facts.

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