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A very good acting cat pretends to sleep to avoid the bath (video)

If Chase could have a job, he would no doubt excel in the world of film. The tabby cat is very good at acting, especially when it’s bath time.


Hunt lives in his adoptive parents’ home with his two sisters felines Millie and Cloud. With 12 million subscribers on tiktok1.7 million instagramand thousands more Facebookthe 3 cats in the household enjoy a good reputation.

It is an admirable revenge on life, knowing that they will all come to the streets: Chase is a tabby who was adopted from a litter of kittens found abandoned by their mother. He was known as the round of the litter writes its owner on his blog.

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While everyone has their own personality, Hunt stands out thanks to his indisputable talents as an actor. In one video, while his owner tells him he needs to take a bath, the devil pretends to be sleeping soundly.

The woman can shake him, nothing helps! However, one detail suggests that his deep sleep is just a web of lies: his tail moves in all directions! Caught, he ends up showing his displeasure with irritated meows and an irritated look. Here is the video, shared by Hindustan Times :

Many comments are written by Internet users, such as: ” he really pretends!! “, accompanied of smilies hysterically funny. Subsequently, the cat continued to prove itself inacting actingespecially in drama.

Publications regularly highlight the animal’s talents. Here he simulates being hurt by the nail clippers to receive hugs:

@dontstopmeowing Not the fake cry too ???? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Kareem & Fifi

Then he pretends to have hit his head and lets out little moans:

@dontstopmeowing And the Academy Award goes to…???? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Kareem & Fifi

The artist may not have been invited Festival of walking stick this year, but it fully deserves its place on the red stairs!

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