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A very sad dog was attached to a chain that was too short and could not even lie down

Totopo is a very friendly and affectionate three-year-old dog who lived in a very dire situation. He was found in October, chained up in a house in Cancun, Mexico. The helpless little dog had no food or water to its layout and chain was so tight that he could barely move or even lie down to sleep.

This dog had little hope of survival, he needed to rest, but since he couldn’t rest comfortably, he had to put his head on the chain. Totopo had scabies and ringworm, his skin was full of burns, his ears were cut off and his canines were filed down.

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The woman who found Totopo tried to talk to her father and was shocked to learn that the dog had been chained up like this simply because he chased a chicken. She didn’t hesitate to save this loving dog before it was too late, and luckily she had the support of her friend Matteo Saucedo, who works at Riviera Rescue AC.

The photo of Totopo chained up was shared on Facebook until it hit Tiffany Lacey, the director of Animal Haven, a group that finds homes for abandoned dogs and cats in New York City.

Tiffany commented to The Dodo:

“It was one of the most gruesome photos I’ve ever seen of a dog. »

She decided to help Totopo, no matter how far, just like she did with Clarita and Temo, two other dogs who also had to go through terrible situations.

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Tiffany added:

“Totopo is the sweetest dog ever… He loves people, he wants to cuddle all the time. He is great with other dogs. »

“I think if anyone is looking to change a dog’s life…and facilitate that final chapter where the dog is finally loved in a warm place and doesn’t have to suffer anymore, this story is definitely part of it. He could be your dog. »

Totopo is safe and sound, but his coat isn’t fully grown yet and his wounds are barely healing.

Tiffany finally added:

“He was unfazed by all the terrible things the humans did to him…it’s unbelievable. »

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If you would like to support Totopo and other animals on similar terms, you can contact the Riviera Rescue AC or Animal Haven organizations on their websites.

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