a veterinarian defended his dog when a stranger insulted him for being one-eyed

Vet and BBC presenter James Greenwood has one of the cutest little dogs in the world. It’s about an adorable Labrador Retriever named Oliver who won her heart from the first moment.

Oliver was rescued as a puppy. A few months after he was born, he was attacked by an adult Labrador, which caused his eye to prolapse. He is the only one of the litter who has not found a family, being one-eyed has certainly limited his options among the adopters.

But the veterinarian saw in the little dog a being of light full of love. He thought that despite his scars, he was a nice little dog, so he decided to make him part of his family.

A vet defended his dog when a stranger insulted him for being one-eyed

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Now it is a beautiful ball of fur that seduces many people with its peculiarity. However, for some people, Oliver isn’t that appealing and they have the audacity to put it bluntly.

This is the situation experienced the veterinarianWhile on a routine walk with his puppy, a stranger made a derogatory comment about Oliver’s appearance. Greenwood took to social media to share his bad experience after someone yelled at him that his dog was ‘extremely ugly’.

On Instagram, the stricken veterinarian said:

“To this guy today: Oliver is ‘extremely ugly.’ But he’s a dog and he can’t answer. Which made you look completely stupid. Absolutely stupid. »

The animal lover told his followers about the bitter streak, but far from sowing negative feelings about the person responsible for the comment towards his pooch, he pointed out all the positives Oliver brings to others. Luckily, it didn’t take long for the vet to receive love messages for Oliver.

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Many people commented on how beautiful he is and poured out their love for this dog who, despite his different appearance, is a dog like any other. The outpouring of love and support increased when James Greenwood received photos from his followers showing him their one-eyed dogs.

Undoubtedly, all dogs are lovely regardless of the scars that make them look different. Fortunately, for every person who makes negative comments about dogs, there are hundreds of people. ready to invest and make a difference in their lives.

In response, the vet not only thanked them for all the love they showed the lovely Oliver, but also took the opportunity to point out all the positive things he has and how much he can make others happy. by his mere presence.

In this regard, he finally underlined:

“What I also want to share with you is the countless smiles that Oliver manages to magically plant on the faces of the people who walk past us – it really is a wonderful thing to walk around with Oliver, it’s a sight to behold! If Oliver taught me anything, it’s that there are many, many more good people in this world than bad ones.

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