A wild turkey sows terror in a Washington park

For several months, athletes in Washington (United States) have been living in terror. In a city park, a wild turkey is indeed violently attacking runners and cyclists, reports the Wall Street Journal relayed by Slate.

Poultry is rampant in Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens. For the past few weeks, a path where the turkey has regularly appeared has been totally abandoned by walkers. And for good reason: the animal has already claimed dozens of victims.

Unable to capture

A dozen people have already been taken care of urgently after being attacked, specifies the Wall Street Journal. They received antibiotics and an injection against tetanus after being bitten and scratched by the wild beast, which can reach 15 km / h to race its victims.

Informed, the city authorities first installed warning signs. Six agencies have since teamed up to capture the turkey and relocate it. In vain: the animal avoids all the traps and nets. Stuck on a bridge during a coordinated capture attempt, the turkey even jumped into the water of a river to evade authorities.

Once threatened with extinction, wild turkeys are now proliferating in the United States, says Slate. Its population is estimated at 7 million individuals, an increase which necessarily multiplies the attacks, especially during the breeding period, between March and May.

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