A wolf kills 18 animals in Switzerland: game wardens have 2 months to kill it

The canton of Uri (central Switzerland) orders the slaughter of a wolf which killed five goats and thirteen sheep during the second half of May in Wassen. Game wardens have 60 days to cull it in the Upper Reuss Valley region.

The canine raged at least three times between May 14 and May 23 in Wassen, in an area located on the right bank of the Reuss. The tolerance threshold of ten animals killed has thus been exceeded, said the Cantonal Security Department on Friday, which ordered the slaughter of the wolf on Tuesday. Federal law authorizes the cantons to do so when predatory animals cause “significant damage”. Such is the case when a wolf attacks more than ten livestock in four months in an area where the canine stays. In this case, seven of the thirteen sheep were not protected by anti-wolf measures. The other animals killed were also not technically protected, but they were in an alpine pasture considered safe. The slaughter of another wolf is currently also authorized in the Ticino valley of Rovanna. The predator had attacked 19 sheep in April. In Haut-Valais, a wolf was shot recently in Ergisch after the green light given by the canton. The canid had killed 28 farm animals. In March, Valais game wardens killed two young wolves in Val d’Hérens. The latter were staying too close to a residential area.

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