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Associations are overwhelmed with abandoned kittens during this breeding season. They do their best to provide them with the care necessary for their development. At the same time, they make every effort to find loving homes for them. He was definitely not in the mood that day. And yet…

The shelter Humane Society of Harlingenlocated at Harlingen in the state of Texas to United Stateswas in charge of a little fur ball named Spicy Chicken Nuggets. A first name that suited him perfectly since the young feline gave volunteers a hard time.

Indeed, during the photo session aimed at immortalizing his pretty face for potential adopters, the tomcat rather revealed his dark side.

We actually discover him standing on his hind legs, hissing fervently. Touched by this mischievous little being, the members of the shelter decided to bet on humor and post the said image on their Facebook profile with a description that is hilarious to say the least:

“I should probably let you know right now that I absolutely hate everything. It’s true, cats, I hate them; toys, I don’t have time; hugs ? Disgusting ; the scratches? Please don’t touch me. Do you want to take me in your arms? I am a black belt in karate”

A description that had the desired effect

The community instantly fell in love with Spicy Chicken Nuggets. Users were amazed, amused and touched at the same time. The shelter has therefore received a considerable number of adoption requests for the kitten.

Yesterday, Monday July 18, 2022, a woman came to give him the life he deserved by making him her 4-legged companion.

By integrating into his new home, Spicy Chicken Nuggets showed another face. He revealed himself to be rather grateful, playful and affectionate to the delight of his mistress.

An update of the Humane Society of Harlingen reads as follows: “I know I said I hated everything, but it’s not so bad after all. I like it. Don’t tell anyone”.

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