A woman forced to put up a sign in front of her house to reassure passers-by about the habits of her… dog: “We know!” (Photo)

Passers-by are surprised, sometimes worried, often amused to see a dog wandering on the roof of a house in Texas. But what amuses the owners less is the fact of having to justify themselves to all the people who pass in front of their home and who knock on their door to warn them of this incongruous situation.

However, if the dog is on the roof, that’s normal… The family therefore decided to install an explanatory panel in front of the house!

“Huckleberry lives up to his name and learned to jump on our roof from the garden. We never leave it in the yard without someone home. He won’t jump unless you lure him with food or a ball! We appreciate your interest, but don’t knock on our door – we know it’s up there! But please feel free to take pictures of him and share them with the world! “.

Huckleberry now has his own Instagram page, called hucktheroofdog, and has amassed over 38,4000 followers with his rooftop antics, as reported by the Mirror!


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