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A woman leaves a cat with her parrots and when she returns she finds them in a touching scene

A young woman decided some time ago to adopt a cat who lives with her and her little yellow parrots. They are all one big family, although the birds are usually prey for any cat. Probably because the cat is perfectly tamed and used to being fedhe does not see these birds as food.

One day, the woman had to leave her house, she had a lot of errands to run and left the parrots out of their cage. She didn’t imagine that her cat would hurt them or anything, but she also didn’t imagine that she would find such a cute scene, returning home. She was even shocked.

The woman hadn’t been away long, but when she got home, she was faced with an unimaginable scene where her cat was enjoying the company of the little parrots. His reaction was to start filming the moment and then upload the video to social media.

The video was first uploaded to Facebook and then to YouTube. On both platforms, the video went viral and netizens were mesmerized by the beautiful scene. Take effect, no one expected to see parrots with a cat. They left more positive comments than each other.

A woman leaves her cat and parrots alone, not expecting them to get along so well.

The woman loves the beautiful relationship her cat now has with her birds. They love to play and sleep together. It’s like the parrots stroke the cat with head and beak, as if it were a massage or a caress. We can see the cat thanking, sometimes giving a hug to one of them. The scene is certainly very touching.

This beautiful relationship that these animals have really surprised the woman. In fact, it is often thought that cats and parrots never manage to have a good relationship, as cats are usually predators. However, the video shows the exact opposite. You can actually see how the cat has no intention of harming the birds and prefers their company to food.

The woman said this had never happened before, normally the cat would go one way and the birds the other, but since that day it seems they just needed some time alone to develop a good friendship. Now, when their cat sleeps peacefully, the parrots go along.

Parrots actually seem to love sleeping with the cat. They then land on the cat’s back and give it a hug. It is truly a unique scene that has surprised many and has been shared many, many times on social networks, gaining more than 50,000 views and many laudatory reactions. A scene that therefore very quickly went viral.

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