A young man sentenced by the courts after being filmed mistreating his animals in Tulle

The neighbor who filmed the scene did well! She was indeed able to provide overwhelming and indisputable proof of the facts to the judge in charge of the case. The man had, among other things, thrown his cats against the bay window and beat his dog with a whip. The SPA had seized the animals which are now in a safe place.

The young man of only 22 years old was unknown to the police, and yet. A woman residing opposite her apartment located in Tulle in Correze filmed a most shocking scene.

She had indeed seen, on several occasions and for nearly 6 months, the individual strike his dog and assault his 2 alley cats by swinging them against the walls. The neighbor, alarmed by the situation, had tried to ring it, in vain. Instead of acknowledging his wrongs, he had displayed a tricolor card he had to enter his workplace. The woman therefore contacted the police, who themselves called on the services of the SPA to rescue the poor beasts.

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Rescue and questioning

The dog suffered from a serious leg injury. The 2 felines, meanwhile, were terrified. They were seized by the SPA who cared for them and then pampered them in their local shelter. Outraged by such acts of cruelty, the organization filed a civil suit in the case.

This Thursday, June 30, 2022, the accused appeared in court as part of an appearance on admission of facts. Indeed, confronted with the viewing of his heinous actions while in police custody, he could only confess. “The poor animals were beaten copiously: the cats thrown to the ground or against the bay window of the apartment, a braided rope was used to beat the dog”said the head of the prosecution to GTRS4U.com.

In his defence, the accused mentioned personal worries as well as a lack of sleep which pushed him to get over his nerves on his pets.

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An excuse that did not convince the jurors. The man was sentenced to 4 months in prison on probation with the obligation to treat himself mentally. In addition, he will have to perform 70 hours of community service and repair the damage with the SPA.

The court also prohibited him from keeping animals for 5 years and implicated him for usurpation of quality.


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