Aargau: A small dog escapes and is shot dead at the neighbor’s house


AargauA small dog escapes and is shot dead at the neighbor’s house

Spike, a 2-year-old Jack Russell, had managed to sneak out of a fenced property in Burg (AG). He was shot on the neighbor’s property. The alleged shooter has been arrested.

Spike was shot and killed in unclear circumstances.


What exactly happened in Burg, Aargau? The Public Ministry has opened a criminal investigation after the death of a small dog in a veterinary clinic. The animal was brought in with serious gunshot wounds on Wednesday evening.

According to the Aargau police, the dog had escaped on Wednesday, shortly after 7 p.m., from a property that was nevertheless fenced. Arrived on the neighbor’s field, he then received a bullet. The animal did not die instantly. He managed to run back to his house, before collapsing in front of the closed gate. Taken care of by a veterinarian, he could not therefore be saved.

The animal that died is an almost two-year-old Jack Russell terrier, Spike, who belonged to a family of five. A very sad family who does not understand how the drama could have happened. “We never had an argument with our neighbor and he never complained about the dog,” Spike’s owner told 20 Minuten. The family filed a complaint.

According to the police, a suspect has been arrested. But it does not specify whether it is indeed the neighbor himself, as the family seems to indicate. The exact circumstances are not yet definitively elucidated, she limits herself to indicating.


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