abandoned, five cats and a dog dead in an apartment in Lorient

The alert came from neighbors, who complained about the foul odors emanating from an apartment in one of the towers in the Bois-du-Château district. Requested by the social landlord who owns the building, the firefighters quickly understood why the corridors stank so much. Inside this apartment in Lorient (Morbihan) the corpses of five cats and a dog were discovered on July 22, as reported The Telegram.

According to neighbors interviewed by the daily, the smell had been foul in the common areas of the building for two weeks. An element which seems to accredit the thesis of a death dating back at least fifteen days. The animals would likely have lost their lives due to dehydration and the high heat that hit the area at the time of death.

The owner left to look for work

The owner of the animals was identified and arrested by the police. Aged 33, she would have admitted having left her home for a month to “look for work”. She would have explained to the investigators that people had to take care of the animals. Which has obviously not been done. The respondent will be summoned to court in April 2023 for abandonment of animals and acts of cruelty.

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