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Abandonment, cruelty … animal martyrs this summer: “These situations of horror are incomprehensible”

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In summer, pets are abandoned, often risking their lives. As was the case with Liam and Manny recently, in Toulouse and its surroundings.

Three days after the massacre she suffered, “Liam is fine, his vital prognosis is no longer engaged. The dog was operated on and she left the clinic the same evening with a collar, ”says Céline Gardel, president of the Les4pattounes association, who hears from her every day.

Liam therefore sees the end of the tunnel after having suffered the worst abuse by his master. This dog, a mastiff, boxer and staff cross, came close to death last Saturday, near Pouvourville, east of Toulouse. Her owner attacked her with an axe, breaking the bones of her skull as well as her sinuses, and covering her body with wounds, on the pretext that he wanted to part with it. Left for dead, the poor beast was able, despite everything, to find refuge in a nearby barn, where the owner of the premises took her in. The latter immediately entrusted it to the teams of Vet-Urgentys, in Toulouse.

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The treatments were funded by donors following the opening of an online kitty, on the initiative of Céline Gardel. After this outpouring of violence, Liam goes through a peaceful convalescence in a foster family who take great care of her. For its part, the association Les4pattounes filed a complaint “for acts of abuse and cruelty” towards an animal. “During the procedure, Liam still belongs to its owner, we are asking for the confiscation of the animal so that it can find a new family and the definitive ban, for him, from owning it”, explains Céline Gardel. For his barbarity, Liam’s owner faces three years in prison and a €45,000 fine.

“This is unacceptable !”

Another abandonment which, this time, cost the life of Manny, a Labrador, tied, in full sun, to a gate, in the vicinity of the ATPA-SPA, north of Toulouse. Because of its muzzle, the beast could not bark to call for help. “She was doomed to death of thirst in the heat of the heat, it’s horrible, reality goes beyond fiction”, laments Céline Gardel, also a police captain, who also filed a complaint.

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A situation that also upsets Anne-Marie Aubert, vice-president of the ATPA-SPA refuge in Toulouse. “Manny’s story is terrible, tying up a dog, in the sun, far from the shelter is a real shame. Not having had the courage to bring him to us is even worse. However, we do not feel at fault in insofar as our refuge is open Monday to Saturday, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. The rest of the time, there is a doorbell and a guard permanently on the premises”, repeats the vice-president. For her, “these situations of horror are incomprehensible. They are acts of terrible cruelty. It is unacceptable”, she adds.

For the month of June alone, the ATPA-SPA refuge in Toulouse welcomed 108 dogs “entered the pound”, 58 came out “recovered by their masters”. There are therefore 50 left to adopt. For the month of July, 146 dogs were recovered, 102 were taken back, 44 are looking for a new family. And if it were you ?

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