Abuse in the “Toutounet” terminals in Namur: waste bags now compulsory for walking your dog

They have been around for twenty years in Namur: the toutounet terminals (pronounced “toutounette”)! These are green metal terminals: there are 166 of them throughout the territory, equipped with small plastic bags, intended for dog owners who have forgotten to take their bag to pick up their animal’s droppings.

For some time now, the City’s cleanliness department has noticed excesses: some terminals barely filled with bags are emptied within the hour. People use them as freezer bags, or for their bathroom trash can.

Each year, the City bought 1 million of this kind of small bags, for a budget of 15,000 euros/year. Alderwoman Charlotte Deborsu has decided to replace these bags with biodegradable bags. They cost more, but the City will buy less. The College has also adapted its police regulations. From now on, any dog ​​owner must have his bag on him, under penalty of fine. If he forgets, he can still use the stuffed animal, but only one bag at a time.

In case of abuse, the fine can be up to 350 euros.

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