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Abused dog was scared of everyone until he met his rescuer

Street dogs break hearts by the mistreatment they endure before being rescued. This is the case of a helpless dog who was found in deplorable conditions.

The dog was found to be very malnourished and in poor health. He was also very afraid of people. When lifeguard Jefferson crossed his path, everything changed for the better.

The dog was afraid of people

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Thanks to Jefferson Rescata’s YouTube video, you can see how the dog is scared of receiving a petting from his new caregiver. The animal was really very thin and had skin problems. Although the rescuer only wanted to help, the animal began to cry in fear.

Caregiver Jefferson tried to give her lots of love and trust to get the animal to let her guard down and let him help her. After 40 minutes, he finally decided to give her the paw.

“How long did he stay without receiving a caress, affection, without seeing love, without feeling it”, said the rescuer on his social network.

As the weeks passed, the dog began to recover. He began to gain weight and new fur appeared. Eventually, lifeguard Jefferson took him to the beach to say goodbye to his life of suffering. From now on, the animal will never be sad again.

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According to some studies, animals play an important role in the life of human beings. Here are the benefits for household member development.

– Dogs play a fundamental role in the development of children, providing them with security, autonomy and companionship.

– A dog encourages positive actions in people, without forgetting the importance of being a responsible “dog dad” and it is recommended to feed the dog correctly.

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