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Activision Wins Lawsuit Because Lawyer Didn’t Play Call of Duty

After failing to do proper research for an ongoing lawsuit, a judge ruled that a lawyer hadn’t played Call of Duty enough.

It’s safe to say that playing video games has very little impact on potential proceedings in a courtroom.

However, a specific lawsuit involving Activision and game developers Brooks Entertainment proves that with a little more Call of Duty experience, an embarrassing situation can quickly be avoided.

Of course, this embarrassing situation isn’t the only thing that could have been avoided, as there’s no doubt that Brooks Entertainment spent a lot of time and money when they decided to sue Activision in 2021.

Call of Duty Infinite WarfareActivision

Infinite Warfare is considered the worst Call of Duty ever for many fans.

According to legal news site JD Supra, the lawsuit involves a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare character who primarily appears in the game’s campaign as Sean Brooks.

Brooks Entertainment claims that the resemblance between Sean Brooks and his character Shon Brooks goes beyond mere similarity in names.

They claimed that “Shon Brooks and Sean Brooks both had unlimited resources and missiles, they brought thieves to justice, they traveled to Mars, and in both games the scripted fight scenes took place in a shopping mall.“.

Showing a clear understanding of its source material, Activision was quick to point out that several of the claims regarding character likenesses were false.

An Activision lawyer then played the campaign for Infinite Warfare, and said: “It immediately occurred to me that many (if not almost all) of the factual allegations in the complaint are not accurate.“.

To begin with, he pointed out that Sean Brooks is not the main character of Infinite Warfare as claimed by Brooks Entertainment, nor does he share any physical similarities. Additionally, Sean Brooks does not take part in a scripted fight scene inside a mall as the plaintiffs suggest.


Sean Brooks is located at the top right.

On July 12, 2022, the judge finally agreed with Activision and dismissed the lawsuit. To make matters worse, the judge also “ordered plaintiff’s attorney to reimburse Activision for its reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred in connection with the litigation.

And in a humiliating turn of events, the judge said that “the plaintiff’s attorney could have easily verified these facts before filing the baseless complaint, just as the Court easily verified them after playing an hour and a half of Infinite Warfare.

Not only will CoD fans surely appreciate this remark from the court, but the lawsuit also proved that not playing Call of Duty enough can be something you end up regretting!

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