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Adopting a cat: do not make these 7 mistakes with your kitty

Many scientific studies have proven the benefits of the presence of the cat on the mental and physical health of humans. Its soft purr is, among other things, a very effective anti-stress solution. In addition, the owners of this miniature feline run less risk of heart attack. Are you also convinced of the advantages of adopting this little pet? It is important that you know the typical mistakes that should not be made in order to have a beautiful love story with your kitty.

Adopt a cat on a whim

Adopting a cat should not be done on a whim. So don’t stop at the physical characteristics of a kitty. Note that each breed of feline has specific needs and characters. Also, do your research well before making a decision. Moreover, a cat involves a long-term commitment, its life expectancy being 12 to 20 years depending on the breed. You will have to educate him, feed him, change his litter, take care of his health, and give him affection. In short, it is essential to be ready materially, financially and mentally.

Take your education lightly

Unlike the dog, the cat is a solitary and territorial animal. He adopts a less hierarchical and more independent behavior. Because of this, you cannot expect a level of obedience similar to that of a doggie. This is why you must start training him as soon as he arrives. Start by gaining his affection and trust by playing with him regularly. Also, don’t forget to teach him to be social by introducing him to other animals and new people.

Neglecting your diet

Being a nibbler, the cat needs several mini-meals a day. In the wild, it hunts about 10 to 15 small prey per 24 hours to meet its nutritional needs. Therefore, giving him only two meals a day pushes him to visit the neighbours’ bowls. Moreover, if he does not go out, the impossibility of hunting associated with food frustration will make him aggressive and anxious.

Deprive him of the outside

Letting your cat out may be more complicated if you live in an urban setting. However, access to the outdoors is essential for its development and growth. It is for him an environment rich in olfactory discoveries. He can also mark his territory there and let his hunting instinct express itself. You can completely walk him on a leash after having accustomed him to the harness.

Don’t spend time with him

A cat’s relationship with its master is important for its development. Therefore, it remains crucial to give him time and play with him regularly. The game session also allows him to exert himself, to develop his motor skills, to evacuate his stress and to stimulate his cognitive functions. To amuse him, you can take a ping-pong ball or a string.

Punish him

The cat is a particularly sensitive species. As a result, he tends to associate the unpleasant experience and the negative emotion with you and not with his stupidity, if you punish him. This causes him to flee from you, and to be on his guard in your presence. At worst, your kitty may be traumatized and become anxious and aggressive. Know that the best way to prevent him from committing big mistakes is to congratulate him when he behaves well.

Don’t get him vaccinated.

To protect your little companion against various diseases, vaccination is a must, even if he does not go out. It also prevents contamination between cats, between cats and humans, but also between cats and other animals. Vaccinate your feline from an early age and do not neglect the vaccination reminders.

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