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Adorable dog discovers security camera and upsets netizens

The curiosity of animals is endless, they can’t help but investigate and record new things ad nauseam. For example, some cats do not hesitate to slip into shopping bags to smell what’s inside and know if someone has brought them something.

They like also hide in there and play with the objects they find. For German Shepherd Sasha, things are not much different.

The dog was caught in front of a security camera, which made for a funny moment. Sasha apparently didn’t know what the device was, she looks very focused as she tries to figure out what it is.

Adorable dog discovers security camera and upsets netizens

German Shepherds are famous for their curiosity, intelligence, and obedience, which is perfectly evident in the video. This breed is relatively recent, since it was born in 1899. These dogs are part of the group of herding dogs, as they were originally developed for herding livestock, hence their name.

However, today they can be seen in other areas as they are often the breed of choice for jobs such as: police dog, military dog, guard dog, guide for the blind and rescue animal.

Of course, they are also chosen by families with children or people who are looking for constant companionship. They are quite sociable and easy to train, so they make an excellent companion for life. Sasha looks like a really good companion, very cuddly and curious, looking straight at the camera which is filming him. Here’s what she looks like in the video:

At first, the female dog carefully watches what is happening, and after a while he hears a noise, so he stops and leaves the place. Thanks to the security cameras! They gave us a beautiful moment that we can now watch to lift our spirits.

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