Advice from experts to avoid having an iron deficiency this summer!

Iron intake plays a very important role in health. Discover the right diet to adopt to get the most out of it.

A good diet is still considered the best way to be healthy. This is why so many nutritionists continue to advise and share their expertise. So that we can always be in good shape.

To say that the nutrients in food are necessary to guarantee the proper functioning of our body. Among these nutrients, there is iron which is essential for the immune system.

An iron-based diet

Many nutrients are necessary for our body. Iron is one of them because it ensures blood oxygenation cells and muscles. It is for this reason that it is required for the proper functioning of our immune system. Thus, it is necessary to favor an iron-based diet to ensure the development of cognitive function. This includes concentration, memory and also learning.

That’s why experts recommend that parents feed children an iron-based diet. This allows to develop their knowledge, whether at school or at home. In addition to this, children will have more and more energy since iron helps reduce fatigue. The same for the elderly.

Nevertheless, we must pay attention to the amount of iron consumed. Indeed, an excessive amount of this nutrient in the body can be dangerous. It can cause colon cancer. However, please note that the amount of iron in an adult diet should not not exceed 8 mg. For pregnant women, this can be up to 30 mg.

For foods to eat, you should focus on meat products in your diet. These products are good source of iron compared to legumes. Research has been done and we will prove to you that meats are preferred to avoid iron deficiency. But as they say, you always have to balance to be healthy.

Other tips to follow

Some say that a spinach diet provides enough iron in the body. However, experts completely deny this fact. Why ? 100 g of spinach does not contain 2.1mg iron. The same goes for those who say that legumes are full of iron. This is totally false and we will see together the amount of fiber in these products.

Take the example of a pink radish which contains only 0.4 mg of iron for every 100 g. Or the artichoke which only represents 1.2 mg/100 g. However, a diet based on raw meat contains up to 2.2 mg/100 g and the same for a macro-algae. What holds the record according to studies is raw rabbit liver which can reach 6.6mg/100g.

All this to say that you have to favor animal products in your diet to have the right amount of iron. For vegetarians, there is an effective method to increase their iron intake. To do this, they simply have to soak legumes between 24 and 48 hours. This trick consists of activating the phytases which promote the release of ferric ions.

Here’s what the experts say to properly assimilate iron during the meal. They say it is strictly forbidden to drink tea, coffee, wine or fruit juice. These drinks do not promote assimilation iron in our body. The same goes for dairy products which reduce the bioavailability of iron.

The right diet to adopt daily

We have already repeated several times that a varied and healthy diet is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. Although meat is a good source of fibre, you should always balance your meal and eat legumes from time to time. Thus, consume a little of everything but in a reasonable and well-calculated way for the needs of the body.

However, you can always seek advice from nutritionists. You could thus determine the right diet to adopt to have the right amount of iron. These experts can respond to your requests and monitor your state of health. Especially if you plan to diet. For more tips and advice on which foods to eat, stay on our site!

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