African safari tourists panic (video)

Lion grabs dog: African safari tourists panic (video)

A pretty incredible scene.

It was in Hwange National Park, in 2019, in Zimbabwe that this encounter took place, which could have gone wrong. It all starts when a hungry lioness spots a pack of wild dogs eating. Determined to take advantage of it, the lioness approaches the dogs.

She rushes and manages to grab one of the dogs between her fangs, while the others move away while remaining close. The whole scene was experienced live by tourists on safari who did not hesitate to film and take photos.

cunning dogs

Facing the tourists, the lioness carried the dog in her mouth. The latter seemed all soft. Meanwhile, the other dogs in the pack watched the whole scene, not wanting to leave their friend. Unless it’s for some other reason.

Seeing a dog approaching, the lioness released the one she was holding who was then able to flee, just like the other! In the end, everyone came out alive from this traumatic experience and the dog probably played dead on purpose to better surprise the lioness at the right time.

Lions and wild dogs are natural predators – but both are threatened with extinction by humans.

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