After 5 years of love, he brings his dog back to the shelter and makes an announcement that leaves everyone speechless

Giving up on Titus was never an option for his human who fought to the end for his dog’s happiness and his future. A wonderful life lesson.

Four months ago, Lewis Jimenez had to do something very difficult: bring his Pitbull back to the shelter where he adopted him. But you shouldn’t always trust appearances.

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A nice meeting

It all started in 2013 in Austin, Texas. Lewis Jimenez is then in the only shelter in town and falls under the spell of Titus, a Pitbull taking a walk. He then decides to adopt her and for five years, the two friends live a real fairy tale. Totally inseparable from his beloved dog, Lewis Jimenez explains that he cannot imagine his life without him.

But in November 2017, something finally separated these two best friends…

Forced abandonment and reunion

To his great surprise, Lewis Jimenez receives a letter asking him to separate from Titus if he does not want to be expelled from his home. Knowing no one who could keep the dog while waiting to find something else, Lewis Jimenez made the difficult decision to bring him back to the shelter where he had adopted him, while promising the staff that he would come back to get him as soon as possible.

Obviously, the staff have some doubts about all this because they very regularly hear masters say that they will come back when they never do… And to make matters worse, Titus did not at all appreciate being at the refuge and appeared depressed. However, as soon as he had the possibility, Lewis Jimenez came to visit him. But that only complicated the separations a little more.

A heartbreaking situation that lasted four long months. Months during which Lewis Jimenez never abandoned his dog and did everything to get him back as soon as possible.

Eventually Lewis Jimenez found new accommodation and returned to pick up Titus in early 2018. Both were overjoyed and exchanged many kisses. A moment that was heartwarming and brought tears to the eyes of all the members of the shelter.

Today, Titus lives very happily with Lewis Jimenez in his new home where he loves running around and lounging on the couch!

The story of Titus and Lewis in video

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