“Against kart racing, let’s reopen the prisons! »

6:30 p.m., August 27, 2022

Here is his platform: “Since placing presumed innocent people in detention is no longer enough in the name of the people of France and since it is no longer at all shocking to let them live for months in medieval and unsanitary dungeons to wait for a judge to take the time to assess their involvement in the acts of which they are accused.

Since it is still not enough to deny them all access to hygiene and that having them live together in threes in a cell of 9 square meters with rats, fleas and bedbugs is still a fate that is too charming in the eyes of the opposition on the lookout for the slightest summer controversy.

Since nothing helps, and any effort undertaken to give a little decency to these places unworthy of a Republic concerned with human rights is considered an unforgivable complacency with regard to crime…

Making them cohabit three in a cell of 9 square meters with rats, fleas and bedbugs is still a fate too charming in the eyes of the opposition

So either! Push the absurd debate of a few minutes of kart in a place of misery until the end! Let’s sound the hallali once and for all in the name of the true values ​​of our country, as long as we do! Let’s reopen the prisons! Devil’s Island and its convicts! Reformatories for Overseas Teenagers! And if there are still dissatisfied people about the living conditions of our prisoners, about taking it easy and basking in the sun, so be it! Let’s go back to the arenas of Lutèce, Arles, Nîmes and elsewhere, and rejoice to see them die quickly!

Here is the sordid reality that we wish for our detainees faced with the simple fact that the conditions of their incarceration are only a few hours distracted by the derisory feeling of a moment of carelessness and freedom, by a few laps in a kart around an inflatable pool, all for the benefit of charities.

What next ? Perhaps we can still do better for our good consciences. We could, for this hypocritical torture, finally substitute a much more effective one which makes it possible to obtain confessions instantaneously. Save the taxpayers from having to finance stays that are as happy as they are fulfilling in these establishments and avoid the painful and expensive quest for the truth.

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Yes ! Let’s perfect our system to make it truly effective and in line with the expectations of those who are indignant… And since nothing can justify the financial mismanagement of humane treatment, let’s annihilate crime by eliminating criminals for good!

At the end of summer and repressive heat wave, the time has come for real punishments for all these casual privileged offenders! Here is formed the asphyxiating prospect of everyone going goose-stepping towards a radiant future where all the unhealthy and rancid sourness will end up making humanity an incurable disease of the soul. »

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