Ahoy. Olesia, Ukrainian refugee, hired in a restaurant

His story unfortunately recalls others, heard too much in recent weeks. The fear. The escape. The sadness of leaving people you love behind. Olesia Shulzhenko, 40, left the city of Sumy and war-torn Ukraine with her 13-year-old daughter and her dog. After a long journey by bus and train during which they crossed Romania, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland, they landed in Dijon in mid-March. Why here? “I have a friend who works at the Odysséo cabaret”, explains Olesia, who does not lose her broad smile, despite the circumstances.

The language barrier is not an obstacle

It’s in the kitchens of the restaurant Bacchus Pavilion in Ahuy ( *) , that we met her on Friday. The boss, Brigitte Pasteur, hired her without hesitation. “We have an employee who has been off work for several…

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