Alencon. The partners of Chez Fano create a wine-tapas bar in the city center

Karine Chanteloup, Stéphane Chevallier, Brice Mankowski and Philippe-Alexis Tessier, the partners of Chez Fano, have bought Le Pouce and transformed it into La Réserve, a wine-tapas bar with dish of the day and a three-course menu. ©L’Orne Hebdo

Stephane Chevalier, the owner of the restaurant “Chez Fano”, rue Saint-Blaise in Alençon (Orne), had been eyeing the bar-brasserie “Le Pouce” for a few years. “Its terrace is just magnificent! smiles the owner of the restaurant with the red facade.

He had also approached the owner, Patrick Ferard, in 2014. Too early for “Thumb” to weigh anchor.

Stéphane Chevalier had then pushed his walls to 64 rue Saint-Blaise.

“Our own baby”

The “64″ adventure ended in 2018 “when we had a proposal to buy the building. At the same time, the real estate agency right next to Chez Fano was freed up”.

Stéphane Chevalier has therefore enlarged his restaurant on the same site as the first one he opened, 15 years ago.

But the desire to “develop” always tickled him. And even more on the side of its partners: Philippe-Alexis Tessier 34 years old, and Brice Mankowski, 22 years old, both cooks and respectively at Fano since 2016 and 2019.

Chez Fano is historically Stéphane’s project. This time it’s our three little baby, our first creation together.

The partners of Chez Fano

” One step ahead “

“We have worked well, with takeaway meals, during the Covid period. And as I have a good team, we decided to invest in another place. The idea is also to develop before other structures are set up, to be one step ahead of the others,” smiles Stéphane Chevalier.

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So when retirement horizon took shape for Patrick Férard, the three partners renewed contact… and signed the acquisition of the bar-restaurant Le Pouce.

They will baptize him Reserve.

A red thread of dishes for two

What spirit will animate it?

The same as Chez Fano: a friendly bar-bistro, in a cozy atmosphere and focused on quality, including a delicatessen.

The future bosses of La Réserve

But La Réserve, unlike Chez Fano, will offer a daily. “And a menu with three red threads: prime rib, cod and raclette, dishes for two”.

Brice and Karine at the controls

This is Brice Mankowski and Karine Chanteloup who will be in charge of the site of the Place Poulet-Malassis. They will be accompanied by two apprentices.

On the side of Chez Fano, Enerique, the apprentice who ends his contract on June 30, is hired in stride. This brings to 14 the number of employees (including apprentices) at Fano.

The Reserve should open at the end of August. After some minor work and various adjustments.

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