Alert, new restaurant scam: beware of payment devices!

They swap payment devices so the money goes to another account.

For the past few weeks, several French restaurateurs, in the Cannes region in particular, have been victims of a payment terminal scam. For days, all card payments recorded in their establishments were credited to the accounts of particularly well-organized scammers.

This new scam is terribly effective and therefore risks being emulated beyond French borders. Individuals, pretending to be customers, manage to swap payment terminals by credit card. As a result, thousands of euros lost for the restaurateur. It involves stealing the device on which customers enter their codes and replacing it with another identical one, except for the SIM card which will direct the payment to the accounts of the crooks.

This implies a minimum of organization and knowledge on the part of the counterfeiters who must in particular benefit from a wide range of pirate terminals.


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