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Alexandre (ADP): his hug to Annaïg’s cat with his feet leaves netizens confused (ZAPTV)

This Monday, October 24, 2022, M6 broadcast a new issue of Love is in the meadow. For the first time, the farmers went to the candidates to find out a little more about their environment. Alexandre therefore went to Annaïg, met his cat and got closer to him in an amazing way…

Many viewers are in front of their televisions this Monday, October 24, 2022 to follow the farmers’ new adventure i Love is in the meadow. And for this new issue, the deal changes a bit. It is no longer the farmers who receive the suitors at home, but quite the opposite. The latter welcomes their loved ones at home, so that they learn more about their environment, discover their city, meet their loved ones, etc. Internet users therefore found one of the most talked about farmers this year, Jean. He chose to go to Laurence, chosen in favor of Nathalie. And all week she was rumored to have attended the show while on sick leave, as the paper revealed earlier this week. Free Charente. It was inevitable enough for internet users to tease the official of the city of Saint-Yrieix-sur-Charente on the subject: “It’s okay Laurence is your sick leave going well?“, “Laurence, sick to take Jean’s jet”; “Will Laurence stop again to receive Jean?”.

“But don’t keep your yucky toes on cat red!”

Shortly after, it was Alexandre who got people talking about him. After informing Laura that she was not staying in the adventure, the Norman farmer decided to start a mad love affair with Annaïg. And the least we can say is that their first languid kiss in the tractor had reacted strongly to netizens. But this Monday, October 24, 2022, it’s a much less romantic topic that’s been talked about online. Alexandre therefore arrived at Annaïg in Brittany to spend three days with her. He therefore met the cat of the young woman, whom he had already seen many times on video. And after taking him in his arms, Alexandre came closer to him again but in a way that couldn’t be more special as he caressed him… with his feet. It was enough for internet users to notice this and get a little confused: “Nice, stroke his cat with your foot”, “But don’t put your yucky toes on cat damn!”, “he caresses it cat with the toes…”.

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