Alix ‘disrespectful’, her former friends testify and give disturbing news of the cat

After the report of Further Investigation special influencers, other scams have been denounced. Indeed, Luna Skye confirmed that her surgeon, Doctor Azoulay, had injected a product into her buttocks on Maeva Ghennam’s bed before falling seriously ill. But Paga’s ex didn’t stop there. Luna accused Kamil Abderrahman of defrauding her of thousands of euros when he was her agent. A story that echoes a mysterious story dating from April 2022, in which Alix, her former best friend, complained of having been robbed by those around her.

So, following Luna’s clear words, Alix, betrayed and scammed by Kamil, finally spoke. As public opinion began to side with the reality TV candidate, three former friends testified and painted an unflattering portrait of Alix.

Kamil, Alix’s ex-best friend, denies having scammed her

After Luna’s accusations, Alix said she had a similar experience with this person. At her worst since this painful betrayal, she had spoken one last time: “It’s not today that I’m going to start giving light to cockroaches in search of lost visibility. Since my departure, it’s been losing audience. (…) Thank you to all the brands who sent me all the proof: contracts signed in my name, transfers to accounts that weren’t mine, while I was told they had billing problems…“. She then talks about “of theft, breach of trust and manipulation.”

But Kamil does not intend to let himself be soiled by Alix and Luna.

The journalist, who has apparently become an agent of influencers, published long messages in story to restore his truth: “If I really wanted light, I would have made YouTube videos a long time ago about her like a big traitor to tell you about her life, her secrets, her mythos, her crazy actions. I would have a different story each day ! (…) She lies ! Never in my life have I taken anything from her. Precisely, we spent our time telling him to slow down the expenses. She had delusions of grandeur, it was sickly.”

Alix disrespectful with her friends and staff?

Kamil, who lived with Alix in Spain, says they tried to give her stability to stop her seizures.

But she did absolutely nothing. He then denounces his behavior: She was getting meaner and meaner to us. You had to see how she humiliated the people who worked with her. She plays it sensitive girl, but she could belittle Hippolyte because he couldn’t find a specific pair of panties in his disgusting room.”

“And you want to know why she and Samy got into a fight? Because he refused to sleep in a hotel room that she wanted to pay 14,000 euros. He found this expense unnecessary and indecent. She blamed him for breaking it in his delirium. If I separated from her, it was because I refused to continue working with a person who respects neither her friends, nor the people who worked for her, nor the agencies, nor the brands, nor her subscribers. (…) Today, it has almost no more partnerships. She exhausted everyone. (…) Concerning the other nase [Luna, NDLR]I can share with you a screen where I transfer him more than 40,000 euros between May and December.

It was sick hagra! This girl is really bad. Go interview her cleaning lady, ask the prods, the TVR candidates… I loved this girl, I did everything to put her to the max, but ungrateful as she is, she only sees through things. money and light. It was my work and my professionalism that made her take large sums, “ concludes Kamil.

Other friends testify and give disturbing news of his cat

In his right of reply, Kamil Abderrahman cites the names of Samy and Hippolyte, relatives who also lived with Alix. The two friends will also make revelations about the reality TV candidate. “If we start to tell behind the scenes in the same way that people defame, it will start to stutter loudly! If I have remained silent, it is because I am a person of my word. On the other hand, I do not I will never let myself be called a cockroach. Professionals and associates have seen and heard… They know very well how haughty, disrespectful and denigrating this person is.balance Samy

As for Hippolyte, the other friend cited in this case, he will confirm the statements of Kamil and Samy, but also give news of Savannah, the Cat savage of Alix that we haven’t seen in her stories for months.

Hired by Alix to assist him in Spain and take care of Rajah, he also left the ship. He tells : “Very quickly, the cat became attached to Samy and me, because we walked him, fed him and played with him while she preferred to make content for her outfits or took naps in front of Netflix. . If we did not take him out, he spent his time locked in a corridor (corridor of which he must still be a prisoner). So, we took it out for as long as possible… An animal needs affection, not just filming yourself for 10 minutes with it to increase its number of subscribers. She didn’t care about it… Besides, where is he?

Hippolyte added that he had very strong feelings for Alix, but she never respected him. : “Always speaking to me badly to send me to do his thankless tasks. I don’t think that many people could have suffered this… This is also the cause of my departure. We all left of our own free will, unable to bear his behavior any longer.”

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