Already condemned, the false lawyer of Montargis took again the hand in the bag

A 55-year-old man, already sentenced for illegal exercise of the profession of lawyer by the judicial court of Montargis, was arrested again for the same facts. Repeat offender, the crook in the black dress was taken into custody. Information confirmed by the Montargis prosecution. He will appear in court again on January 5.

Bis repeated place. If in general the repeated things please, the Latin phrase, sometimes used in the courtrooms, hardly applies in matters of fraud. The story seems as implausible as crazy but a false lawyer, already condemned for illegal exercise of the profession, fraud and usurpation of title or quality, was again caught red-handed.

Barely out of prison, he starts again

Last March, a man of Turkish origin was arrested and then condemned by the judicial court of Montargis to four years in prison, one year suspended. Installed in premises avenue du General de Gaulle, he had installed a golden plaque on the wall which mentioned that he was a doctor of law, lawyer at the bar of Montargis. He received, without scruple, his clients, filed cases in court, etc. In July, his sentence was reduced by the Orleans Court of Appeal to four years’ imprisonment, two years of which were suspended on probation. Incarcerated in Saran prison, he was released on July 13. Barely out of cell, he continued his false activity.

Installed at the same address

Revealed by France Bleu Orléans, the media coverage of this scam has stirred up tongues. Several complaints have been filed since then at the Montargis police station. They concern facts prior to the conviction in March of the bogus lawyer and come mostly from members of the Turkish community of Montargis. Informed of these complaints, Loïc Abrial, the public prosecutor of Montargis, then decided to continue the investigation.

Entrusted to the judicial police of Orleans, it will update the persistence of the scam. The man indeed continues to deceive his world. He uses the same premises on avenue du Général de Gaulle, sends emails and text messages in his capacity as a lawyer. Arrested Tuesday, December 7 at his home in the North of France, placed in police custody, he was imprisoned this Thursday by the judge of freedoms and detention after being presented to the prosecution. The Bar of Montargis lawyers again filed a complaint. He will appear before the Montargis court on January 5..

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